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Webroot Mobile & Tablet Security automatically protects your devices.

Provides unparalleled mobile security with application validation, SIM card lock, and personal data wipe, in addition to all the features of Webroot Mobile Security (Free).

• Blocks and removes malicious apps
• Protects your contacts and passwords (device lock, SIM card lock, and data wipe)
• Blocks phishing and other malicious websites
• Locates your lost device
• Stops unwanted calls and text spam
• Scans device to ensure key settings are secure
• Informs you which installed apps have access to personal info

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• Remotely locks device so it can’t be used by anyone but you*
• Automatically locks device if someone removes the SIM card*
• Stops malicious apps and files from running on your device
• Remotely wipes contacts, text messages & other personal info*
• Scans apps before they’re installed to ensure they are safe
• Scans web links & URLs to block harmful content before you connect
• Sends you a map showing device’s location*
• Sounds a loud alert to help locate device nearby
• Blocks text spam and unwanted telemarketer calls*
• Runs quietly in the background
• Checks for security updates every day to ensure latest protection
• Is light on device memory and battery usage

* 3G/4G data connection required for some features

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